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TATUM PLUS will provide exclusive content that goes ABOVE and BEYOND Brandon's daily videos on his YouTube Channel and radio show. Not only will you find content that fights for freedom and Christian values, but TATUM PLUS takes you "behind the scenes" to give you a glimpse of his day-to-day efforts in preserving conservative values and saving America! Learn more about your Tatum Plus Subscription below!

Love in Black 'N' White

BY POPULAR DEMAND! Brandon and Corinne give EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT to their relationship, issues that all couples have, and the solutions they've found. All while voicing their opinions on the HILARIOUS hot takes of society. New episodes every week!

Tatum's Cigar Lounge

Everything isn't always politics with Brandon. Tatum's Cigar Lounge is where Brandon has candid conversations about REAL LIFE TOPICS. How do you properly heal from pain & trauma? How do we deal with the pitfalls of success? What's something you're struggling with right now? Let's talk about it! "LATE NIGHTS, AFTER HOURS, in the TATUM LOUNGE."

Public Speeches

Get exclusive access to all of the Officer Tatum's speeches! Brandon travels all over the country to share his testimony on how he became a conservative, and how his Christian values have played an important role in his life. There's NOTHING like seeing Brandon IN-PERSON, but watching it on video is the next best thing!

Behind the Scenes

Brandon Tatum takes you BEYOND what you see through the camera lense and on stage. Here, you can exclusively watch everything that goes on behind the scenes.


WE WILL NOT BE CENSORED! When you become a member of TATUM PLUS, you will gain access to a vault of content that has been taken down or deemed "against guidelines".
Also, not only will you have EARLY ACCESS to Brandon's videos before they're published publicly, but you can stream them on demand ad-free!


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